Thursday, November 21, 2019

Qualities of a good theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Qualities of a good theory - Essay Example A good theory is mostly valid in different situations and is persuasive and helps people to sort out issues by consulting the theory. There are many popular theories that are used to understand and evaluate various problems and conflicts in life. However, these theories are not always valid. A theory is valid in a specific situation. According to Prit (2008), Crime is a very complex social issue and so are its theories. Conflict criminology is of much more importance and can be used as example of such a theory that is popular but not always valid. Conflict criminology as described by Bernard in â€Å"Vold’s Theoretical Criminology† (2009) is a theory in which, it is explained that conflicts exist between groups on the basis of interests and criminological acts by criminals are a result of conflicts existing between subordinate groups and dominant groups. The subordinate groups act against the dominant groups due to which, crime is created (Bernard, et al, 2009). The the ory of conflict criminology discusses the issue of conflict behind any criminal act and forms an opinion that crimes are a result of conflict arising between groups on issues that are conflicting (Hagan. 2010).

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